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Lakshya Consultants, An Indian capital based Global academy owned and managed by the professionals established in 2004 with an aim to provide the best of training, guidance, counseling and assistance to students interested in higher studies Worldwide. We promote education and its related services.

We provide premier educational services with a unique professional edge, unparalleled in India. Headquartered in Amritsar, we are the partners of leading educational providers and consultants in India and abroad.

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Every year more than 50 lakhs students graduate in India and there is no mechanism to provide them jobs. The second issue is 'job dignity' phenomenon attached with most of jobs (Department store worker, Fast food joint worker, Showroom salesman) along with minimal wages that can't guaranteed even a basic life style.

Unlike India, countries like Australia, Canada and many others have reverse situation. There are more work and less people. The equality of job and pay means that a Fast food joint worker and a sales executive would be at par in society.

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Career Counselling

There comes a time full of confusion in the lives of every student. They like a subject and wish to understand the same in-depth so that they can make a career in that. But unaware of its scope, they drop their idea. Post their 10th standard and even after class 12th, when they have to select a stream or particular course, there are many factors that puzzle them. In fact, there are students, who make their mind on a particular stream but finalizing a subject under it bewilders them again. Pursuing a career with doubts in mind could be really harmful in the long run.

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Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS or undergraduate course in medicine is the most sought after course for any Indian student/ parent. The social status attached with this career makes it most prestigious in Indian society. MBBS is the only course in India where supply of seats far exceeds the demand. For all other course such as MBA, BBA, BTech, Bed direct admissions are available. There are far more seats available than demand from the students. But in MBBS, situation is reverse.

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