Study in Italy

The beautiful country of Italy is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoys a rich blend of culture, cuisine, history and art.

The country is lined up with ancient ruins from the era of the Roman empire, beautiful churches and an infinite number of different historical relics that provide a glimpse into the ancient history of this scenic place.

Italy houses a number of government agency offices, embassies, multinational companies and even international organizations. The country is a boisterous hub of business, research and politics.

The lifestyle in Italy is pretty exciting with endless national and international events being conducted in the country on a daily basis.

Among all this, Italy is one of the most preferred places for an international education around the globe.

One of the very first universities in the Western world was first established here in Italy. 15 of the top 200 universities in the world are located in the country of Italy, and that is no small feat.

There are almost 97 universities in Italy, that include State universities, public institutes and private universities among them.

There are many reasons that make Italy one of the most appealing overseas education in the world-

  • Courses in the Italian universities are designed by academics, who collaborate with the experts of the industry, leading to an enhancement in graduate employability.
  • The commonly used medium of education is in the English language.
  • Intensive Italian programs and the Italian language are taught at all levels of education, from the beginner to advanced level.
  • Students pursuing their education in Italy can easily secure fee waivers, meal tickets and fee housing in order to reduce the overall education and living expenses which is provided by the government to sincere students.
  • Students aspiring to study in Italy do not have to submit the scores of IELTS or TOEFL exams for admission processes into Italian universities. Also, students can stay in Italy for half a year as they look for a job after their education.
  • Students can also do some part-time work for 20 hours in a week while studying in Italy.

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